Date of Upload: 25th July, 2019

Social Service at Sanskaar Vidya Niketan

On Thursday, the 25th of July, 2019, the students of  Social Service group helped conduct an orientation session and dental camp for the young students of the Sanskaar Vidya Niketan. The children were from grades KG 1 to 5. The event took place at the SVN on the school campus.

The team of docters interacted with the students assemble in assembly area of SVN. The head dentist had a fun interactive session with the students where the importance of oral hygiene, and its relation to general health were discussed. Through questions, relatable examples and humor, the children were kept engaged throughout the orientation session.

Following the orientation the team of visiting dentists conducted the dental checkup and recommended the treatment required. Overall, the dental camp turned out to be fruitful and was very beneficial to the students of SVN.