Date of Upload: 15th July, 2019

Focused Group Counseling

The 12th graders of Sanskaar Valley School have reached almost the end of their schooling lives and they are soon about to leave the nest of comfort and face the world outside. 

To prepare them for the same, on 10th and 11th of July, top counsellors from Mindler came to our school. Team Samcara and Mindler together conducted focused group discussions with class XII students. They ran 3 parallel sessions with 5 students and 2 Counsellors in each group. Each session lasted for 45 minutes. 

Focused group discussions were an excellent idea, as in the crowd  the message usually gets lost and some of the students aren't able to fully absorb what Team Samcara has to offer. While for some it was a wake up call and for others was a platform to lay down all their thoughts and confusions on the table. The Mindler team consisting of Prikshit, Dipankar, Shilpa, Simran as well as the Samcara Team left no stone unturned to provide clarity to the students. All those who walked in the room, all confused and uncertain came out of the room with clarity and a concrete game plan. The school as well as the students really appreciate the initiative taken up my Team Samcara and the Mindler team.