Date of Upload: 24th June, 2019

New Look of Aadhar

The kindergarten block – Aadhar of The Sanskaar Valley School got a brand-new look as it upgraded its facility orbiting around and upholding its core values of “Nurturing individuals towards excellence in a happy, value-based and progressive learning community.”
Explore, Experiment, Enquire and Express being the 4 Es that are kept in mind for our little ones, the entire Aadhar has been renovated in a way that learning will no longer be limited to just the classrooms. Each area in the block has been converted into learning spaces, right from the corridor walls, to the classrooms, to soft boards, curtains; there is something to learn from each of these spaces. The library has been made so interesting and aesthetic that it will surely make the kids want to pick up a book and read. The dance room, music room and the computer lab are also planned keeping the children in mind. Since learning in the formative years’ dwells on the senses, special sensory boards and xylophones have been installed in the corridors and the courtyards. Being child-centric in its approach in all its endeavours, The Sanskaar Valley School leaves no stone unturned to create an environment in which the child is more eager to learn new things, be receptive and have fun in school.