Date of Upload: 22nd December, 2018

Young Olympia 2018-Prangan Sports Day takes place at TSVS

The Annual Sports Day of TSVS ‘Young Olympia’ was celebrated on 21st December 2018 on the sprawling, green soccer field of the school amidst great mirth, verve and camaraderie. The event was marked by a string of spectacular performances presented by the students who were brimming with enthusiasm and sportsmanship.  The Young Olympia was very special this year as we had our mascot ‘the BlissBee’ enthralling, inspiring, entertaining, engaging and intriguing everyone present on the ground.  The Head of Prangan Ms. Manpreet Bhan welcomed the guests and the gathering.  The Director, Ms. Jyoti Agrawal and the Senior Management Team presided over the oath taking ceremony and declared the sports meet open. The young Olympia flag floated proudly in the cool breeze through the aeromodelling helicopter. This was followed by the spectacular, impressive and well synchronized March Past, track and field events, Soccer Match, drill etc.