Date of Upload: 13th December, 2018

Creative Expressions at Sopaan’s Art Mela

Art plays a big role in a child’s cognitive development, helps one to think creatively, hone analytical skills, and conceptualize ideas. To encourage the artistic expressions amongst children, an Art Mela was organized in Sopaan on 11th December 2018. It was a class activity in which all the students participated. Topics were chosen according to the grades keeping in mind the age, skills, and interest of the students. Class VI students made a ‘Paper Collage’, using pieces of paper from magazines, comics, newspaper etc., whereas Class VII students made ‘Landscape in Pencil Shading’ & Class VIII students made ‘Landscape in Stippling/ Pointillism’ using the sketch or colour pens. The children were at their creative best and produced great works of art. The Art Mela acted as a perfect setting where many new budding artists emerged.