Date of Upload: 21st January, 2017

Assembly on Honesty is the best policy - Class III

The children of SVN conducted an assembly on “Honesty is the best policy” on 2nd Dec. It was a bang on performance by the students of class III as the students spoke in English and showed the importance of honesty.

A small play was performed by the children in which they showed how a girl found a jewellery box lying on the floor and she put it into her bag even though her best friend told her not to do it. She was caught by the police because she was dishonest and did not listen to her friend’s advice.

The children were very beautifully dressed up and spoke their dialogues in English very confidently and passionately. The performance of the students was appreciated by all. The assembly was concluded by singing a beautiful rhyme “Honesty is true, something you should do”.