• Students Exhibit Their Prowess At ICA Cube Competition

    Indian Cube Association (ICA) successfully conducted its inaugural Cube Competition in Bhopal under the aegis of Genius Kid Chuna Bhatti Bhopal on 31st March 2018. This competition was geared to provide a platform to cube lovers from throughout the city to showcase their talent. 14 students from The Sanskaar Valley School participated in the competition. The students exhibited their outstanding ability as they won a total of 14 certificates and 7 medals. The names of the participants from the school are as follows:

    Diva Jainwal

    Shrey Vajpayee

    Aadya Arjaria

    Akshara Gupta

    Yug Bharti

    Dia Chandrakant Ambig

    Aarohi Gupta

    Nehal Balani

    Ishaan Sood

    Aarav Sharma

    Aarohi Jain

    Akshay Oswal

    Anushka Lalwani

    Divanshi Vaswani