• Compudon Junior Season III

    COMPUDON JUNIOR is a National Championship for junior school students on Microsoft’s Digital Literacy Standard Version 4.0.

    This Digital Literacy Championship test school students’ generic ICT skills that are essential for students in 21st Century. There are 2 levels of this school focused championship and top 600 high scoring school students from around the country were invited to compete in the India Finals round of this National Championship. About 100 students from The Sanskaar Valley School, participated in this championship and after a rigorous round at regional level, 39 students were selected to compete at the All India Level.

    Prashast Prajapati of VII CAIE secured the position of National 1st runner up/Silver Medalist with the Second Position – All India Rank 2, followed by Darsh Sobhani  of VII A who secured the position of Central Region Gold Medalist with All India National Rank 9.The positions of the 1st and 2nd runner up of the Central Region were secured by our little champ Atharv Singh of Grade V B and Ekaksha Nair of VII B respectively.

    Along with these shining gems, eight more sanskaarians -Atharva Malviya of VII A  (AIR 43), Adwita Sharma of VII C  (AIR  44), Shronotra Thombre of VI D (AIR 45), Saanvi Gupta of VIII E (AIR  45),  Samaira Uppal of VIII CAIE  (AIR  47), Paras Patel V D (AIR  47) qualified for top 50 ranks as Celebrated List winners. 

    Sujay Jain of VIII, Aanya Nagar of VII D ,  Anaumta Khan of VIII C,  Aadya Shukla of VIII E , Dev Katyal of VIII D,  Yatharth Agarwal of VIII D, Mahikaa Patel of VIII A emerged as merit list winners in top 100 students list.

    In addition to these honours, the following students were chosen as finalists:

    Aarav Gupta, Adamya Jain, Anarghya Amit Jain, Ansh Goyal, Ashmeet Sharma, Atharva Maran, Divyansh Gautam, Ishaan Sood, Ribhav Bansal, Shivansh Raj Singh, Tavisha Sharma, Yusuf Ghafoor.

    Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners!