• Malvika Chaturvedi Secures II Position in Online Singing Competition

    Like many aspiring singers, our little Malvika Chaturvedi of Class II-A chose to participate in the inter-school ‘Online Singing Competition’ which was organised by ‘Young India (Yi) thalir’. For her, it was a great way of getting her talent noticed and gaining exposure and at the same time also developing confidence. Her hard work and singing as expected were very well noticed as she secured the Second Position in the category (Grade I to Grade III). 

    She sang a Hindi song ‘Dil hai chota sa, Choti si aasha’. She learnt the lyrics of the entire song and sang with perfect pitch and apt actions while performing in the video that she recorded for the competition. It seemed as though she was performing on a live stage in front of a large audience. Kudos to your excellent performance!

    Congratulations Malvika! We wish you all the best for all your future endeavours.

    VIDEO LINK: https://rb.gy/mmdfjn