The Sanskaar Valley School
Promoted by Bhaskar Group and Sharda Devi Charitable Trust


Welcome to Prangan

Prangan the courtyard is the haven where free will of the child is gently molded with love and wisdom towards self-discipline. Children of Prangan are often found lingering around objects that catch their fancy be it a butterfly or a snail, a sharpener or a piece of art. We are often tempted to say "a penny for your thoughts lil one" Listening to the child's thinking is the heart of Prangan. Adults need Big Ears to befriend them.

Learning is not a spectator sport at this age; teachers and students spend time together on experiential learning. Teachers constantly get energized by the 'aha' moment wherein the child takes the learning to the next level by his curiosity. Prangan years have happy, respectful classroom climate, integrated with technology. This courtyard for young global citizens makes them attend Round Square Conference and trains them on leadership and sensitizes about social outreach."