Regional Round Square Conference

Organising School Mody School, Lakshmangarh
Event R.S. Conference
Theme Internationalism - Musicorum
Class Classes IX and XI
Dates 28-31 October, 2017
Delegation Size 06 students + 01 teacher escort
Departure (from Bhopal) 27th October, 2017 (As per Travel Plan)
Arrival (to Bhopal) 1st November, 2017 (As per Travel Plan)
Fees Rs 16,000 per delegate
Accommodation Mody School, Lakshmangarh

For participation kindly submit :

a) Circular for Parents b) Consent Form and Indemnity Form by August 21, 2017 c) Payment and Eligibility Form by August 22, 2017

Mrs Anubha Singh
Round Square co-ordinator
Mobile: 9826133027

Mrs Pratibha Lalwani
Round Square Representative