'Dharohar' - A Heritage Fest For Girls (IX - XII)

Within each of us is a person who wants to be rooted to our legacy and heritage called -'DHAROHAR'. Our 'Dharohar' is a source of immense reassurance and pride and this Fest is organized by Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya as a libration of our 'Dharohar'. This includes an award and a running trophy for the winning school to actively involve its students with the reservation and propagation of our heritage. This Fest will provide a platform to learn and display talents and creativity. The events/ competitions are designed around exciting aspects of History, Tradition, Art, Cuisine, Folk Dance, Music, Brochure, Designing and Painting of Odisha.

Dates 19th - 21st April, 2017
Venue Gwalior SKV
Theme Orissa Heritage
Organising School Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya
Fees Rs 9850/-
Accommodation Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya

Interested Students should submit :

a) Consent Form and b) Indemnity Form with their parents' signature b) Deadline for Registration is March 28th, 2017
c) Deadline for Payment is March 29th, 2017.

Students should try to participate in at least 2 events of their choice & as per their aptitude.

Kumbhar Kama – Terracota Mukesh Prajapati
Sunder Suchisilpa - Embroidery Ravi Verma
Dbiphara Khadya - Cuisine from Odisha Suresha Dongra
Tussar patta - Silk Painting Sanju Jain
Saura Chitrankan - Wall Painting Sanju Jain
Incredible Odisha - Design Tourism promotional Brochure Sonia Wadhawa
Odisha in my School - Vedio Voicing Yogendra Rajput
Nachha the Folk Dance of Odisha Ravi Verma
Semi Classical Bhajans - Geetgovind Snigdha Sarkar

For any queries please feel free to contact below:
Event coordinator : Tarun Rao - 8966993283

Pratibha Lalwani