The Sanskaar Valley School

Chandanpura Bhopal

Circular Name:Holiday Homework - PRANGAN
Date: 2012-04-16


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Holidays are the time when you can connect with your children in many ways. Along with many other activities, encourage them this summer season, to work with passion and interest for the home assignment .It is given for three subjects- English, Hindi and Math and it is a must for all children to complete and submit by 25th of June. The details are provided on the following pages.

Besides the home assignment, we suggest that all students should make an effort to improve their handwriting and spellings. Some students will be told specifically by the teachers to do so.  We have uploaded (no printouts) Asset (an external diagnostic test) practice sheets for English, Hindi, EVS, Science and Social Studies. The students can attempt to solve, as this external test (for grade 3 to 5) is scheduled for the month of August. We will be uploading the answers a week before the school reopens. This is optional and an activity for those who are interested to do so.





 Class II

 Homework Class II



 Class III

Homework Class III 

ASSET Worksheets Class III

ASSET Answersheet Class III

 Class IV

 Homework Class IV

ASSET Worksheets Class IV

ASSET Answersheet Class IV

 Class V

 Homework Class V

ASSET Worksheets Class V

ASSET Answersheet Class V